Letters to the Editor for Sept. 20, 2018

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

Laguna Madre Water District has been recognized as a Superior Water system for many years by TCEQ. Our Water Quality has been excellent, especially with our new microfiltration system installed in 2014.

Texas Drinking Water Watch maintains current information on Public Water Supply Systems, including our Water District. You may access the database at http://dww2.tceq.texas.gov/DWW/ and enter our Water System No. TX0310005 for more information. Taste, color, or odor problems are not necessarily causes for health concerns.

Laguna Madre Water District is a public water system using surface water and conventional filtration and/or microfiltration. Treatment processes, personnel and monitoring requirements are in place to meet the following requirements established by the Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ):

  • Pathogen control by removal/inactivation of viruses, Giardia lamblia, and Cryptosporidium,
  • Maintain residual disinfection throughout the water distribution system,
  • Exceed turbidity performance standards,
    • Turbidity is the measure of relative clarity of a liquid, an optical characteristic of water and an expression of the amount of light that is scattered by material in the water when a light is shined through the water sample. Material that causes water to be turbid include clay, silt, finely divided inorganic and organic matter, algae, soluble colored organic compounds, and plankton and other microscopic organisms. Turbidity monitoring demonstrates removal of these particles from our drinking water.
  • Cover finished reservoirs / water storage facilities,
  • Operate by Qualified, Licensed Personnel as specified by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality,
  • Demonstrate optimal corrosion control to protect public health by minimizing lead and copper levels in drinking water, and
  • Disinfection profiling to improve public health protection by reducing exposure to disinfection byproducts and bacteriological coliform and contaminants.

Carlos J. Galvan, Jr.
General Manager
(956) 943-2626 Ext. 110

Charles Ortiz, P.E.
District Engineer
(956)943-2626, Ext. 130


As a business owner of Manuel’s Restaurant and a Port Isabel resident for over 35 years, I am worried that my home, community, and livelihood are in danger if Rio Grande LNG builds its massive liquefied natural gas export terminal and flammable pipeline here. Rio Grande LNG is leading us on about the supposed benefits of this project. The company claims to provide jobs, but would get a $300 million tax cut for only 200 permanent jobs and at the expense of our community. That’s a terrible deal!

A massive fossil fuel industrial complex would pollute the paradise we’ve lived in and known all our lives and destroy our local economy with it. Many local businesses, including my own, depend on tourism; it’s been working for our area for decades and can continue if we care for our local environment. South Padre Island is the last untouched clean beach in Texas, and because of that we have the same families coming back year after year and we’ve watched their kids grow from toddlers to teens. The majority of our customers are from out of town, which also includes Long Island Village and RV Park Center residents who return year after year as well. It’s saddening to even think about losing those customers we’ve grown to call family.

Rio Grande LNG plans to export gas extracted by fracking across Texas. Fracking has been known to spew hazardous levels of pollution into communities, increase earthquakes, and contaminate groundwater. Please do your research and educate yourself on this company and, most importantly, fracking.

Our Port Isabel and South Padre Island area is well known for our beautiful beach, fishing life, and real estate opportunities. As a community who loves and supports wildlife, why risk the health of the ecosystem and our community for money? Think of your children and the future of our community.

The Barroso Family
Manuel’s Restaurant
Port Isabel

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