Letter to the Editor for January 10, 2019

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor;

Our occasional U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela gave his report to the people about the shutdown and wall in the issue of Jan. 3.  He doesn’t avail himself of the sizeable amount each Congressman is given to send letters and/or reports back to his constituents, so this is it.

He was dead wrong in reporting the Democrats were going to open up the government.  They can’t do a thing until the Republicans get on board.  The Republicans aren’t going to do a thing until they get a physical barrier (wall) for the southern border.

Vela’s attitude on the wall is completely ludicrous in view of the fact that he knows absolutely nothing; no, NOTHING about security. He and his Democratic Socialist gang do not listen to the advice of those charged with maintaining our security. I suppose that when they go to their doctor and he gives advice that they go to their next door neighbor “who knows better.”

The real experts, not congressional wanna-bes, tell us physical barriers are the best way to begin to have security.  I was in the Military Police and then counter intelligence where our job was to secure military installations.  I have done security checks on among the most secure bases in the country and always made certain their physical barriers were appropriate.  That’s where you start, and then you proceed to other checks around the perimeter and finally inside.

One could say the Democrats are too stupid to see the facts.  But the real reason, since so many of their cohorts already said a wall was necessary, is because President Trump is advocating it so demonstratively.

Here’s an interesting aside. Since 1972, the government has built over 3,000 miles of “sound walls” along our highways to “protect” nearby homeowners from traffic sounds. If the government can spend $6 billion on walls to protect homeowners from traffic noise, why can’t it spend $5.6 billion to protect our lives?

Come on, Vela, start representing the nation, not your close knit group of nation saboteurs.  You and your like are truly inimical to the best interests of the United States and ought to be compelled to show cause as to why you should be allowed to remain our servants.

Duane A. Rasmussen,
Laguna Vista

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