Letters to the Editor for January 24, 2019

Special to the PRESS


The Cover Up is as bad as the Crime.

No one can give another permission to break the law.

Everyone should have been taught, as a child, not to take something that you did not pay for.

Even a 75-year-old man knows he cannot take signs of his opponents.

Especially after he has told them not to run against “his” candidates.

South Padre Island is not a kingdom where a king determines who runs for office.

Theft is Theft.

There is video evidence of the offense.

This should be tried in a court of law where the defendant and witnesses testify under oath.

If what the author said in her letter to the editor last November is true, she could face criminal charges, and should have to testify under oath.

What she fails to state in her letter is that the individuals in question had permission from the landowners to put their signs on their property.

The letter writer canNOT give another person permission to take the individuals’ property.

If she was truly concerned with the signs’ legal removal, why didn’t she walk next door to the individual’s office, which is next door to hers, and ask him to take them down?

Why didn’t the letter writer call all of the property owners, and ask if they had their permission?

After taking the signs, why were the owners’ signs not returned to them?

Why did the letter writer only ask for the signs of the opponents, to candidates she supported, to be removed?

If she thought it was legal to take these signs, why didn’t she do it herself?

Janet Stockard
Criminal Defense Lawyer
South Padre Island

Dear Editor:

Recently, the President offered temporary DACA relief to entice Democrats into breaking Party solidarity over funding the Wall and ending the government shutdown. Let’s unravel the untruths promulgated blaming the Dems.

The following is easily verified in print and on-line publications.

1) The President said he’d accept the mantle of the shutdown;

2) The President reneged on signing the funding measure he, Dems and GOP agreed upon before the shutdown;

3) The President berated Speaker of the House, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader, Schumer, then stormed out of the meeting when she said they would not approve $5 billion+ Wall spending;

4) Senate Majority Leader, McConnell, has refused to bring the House budget measure to a vote, although the same as the GOP approved in December when controlling the Congress;

5) The GOP didn’t pass a Wall spending package while controlling the Congress and White House for 2 years;

6) Wasn’t Mexico paying for “The Wall”?

What basis is there to invest tax monies; given trillion dollar deficits, or political credibility trusting a documented daily liar? Should conservatives demur, remember last November’s elections?

Voters overwhelmingly rejected the modus operandi of GOP revisionism and President’s unfounded anti-immigration and pro-border wall contrivances. Notice, too, his pandering to fear of a non-existent invasion of refugees seeking legal asylum ‘coincidentally’ ending immediately after the election!

Observe. Learn what happens when Lucy holds the football inviting Charlie Brown to kick it – again.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah
Alpine, TX

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