Writer’s Block: Wishy Washy Weather

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Is it going to be gray and foggy today? Or will the sunshine be so bright that its rays light up the landscape so vividly it hurts your eyes?

Will it be cold, windy and rainy? Or will it be eerily calm and warm?

Should I wear the flip-flops that are so apropos to our beachy location? Or should I dig my cowboy boots back out of the bottom of my closet?

Do I need to pack a sweater?

Do I need to cool my car down, or wait for it to warm up?

With the way the weather’s been lately, it’s nearly impossible to know, though it seems cloudy and dreary has been winning out over sunny and cheerful lately.

And it doesn’t look like things are going to change anytime soon. This week has been mostly warm — the days have alternated from wan sunshine, to thin fog. Friday, temperatures are expected to dip 20-30 degrees, but not before the day gets off to a warm start. So, I guess, dress cool with the option to add warm layers?

Frankly, I’m getting sick of the wishy washy weather. And especially how the few sunny days we’ve had have been staying away from the weekend like it’s their job. I’d like at least one Saturday filled with crisp, golden light, turquoise waters in the bay and the Gulf, and fluffy white cotton candy clouds in the sky.

I always find it interesting to observe what a difference a mere 24 hours can make. Case in point: last Thursday was simply gorgeous! The sun was out, the sky was a brilliant shade of azure that only happens in the wintertime. And high, high up in the atmosphere was the thinnest layer of clouds scuttling along almost directly above.

As I left my office Thursday afternoon, I turned to look down the street at the Lighthouse. Sure enough, that golden sunlight was making it gleam. So, of course I headed that way to snap a few photos.

I drew quite a few confused and bemused stares when I plopped down on my belly at the edge of the lawn to get juuuuust the right shot of a clump of evening primrose with the Lighthouse behind them.

Then I circled around the historic structure a couple of times, trying out other angles, taking advantage of the clear day to capture seagulls flying around the Lighthouse in silhouette.

Taking that walk around the Lighthouse was refreshing and wonderful, to say the least. But the next day — Friday — was a different story altogether.

I spent the first part of the afternoon out at Kite Fest. Already, the clouds were rolling in; the sunlight was weakening, fading to gray.

After I returned to my office, I took a gander over towards the Lighthouse again. It was almost 24 hours on the dot from when I’d taken photos of it the previous day. But when I looked this time, I saw the top of the building obscured by a thin layer of fog. I could see its wisps flowing past it, like gauze.

As the old saying goes, if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a minute.

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