Council mulls Laguna Boulevard improvements

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Discussions on the condition of Laguna Boulevard, recognition of the finance department, and an announcement of an award to purchase lifesaving equipment highlighted the Wednesday, Feb. 6 meeting of the South Padre Island City Council.

Council member Ken Medders brought forth an agenda item regarding improvements to Laguna Boulevard. “We all know that it’s deteriorating and now it’s beginning to break in the middle because of the sides are literally falling off into the grass,” he described of the street’s condition.

Medders went on to praise the efforts by Public Works in their efforts to patch and fill the potholes on the street. “John and his crew have, not only are patching potholes, they’re digging out yards and yards — cubic yards — of non-usable asphalt, putting in the new cold patch as we get the cold patch, and doing a good job,” Medders said.

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