Letter to the Editor for February 28, 2019

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

My jaw actually dropped as I read the wonderful Ms. McClain’s coverage of a recent Laguna Vista Town Hall Meeting. Twenty-four hours to correct brush/debris violations! $1,000 DAILY fines! Where the H E double Hockey Sticks are we living? I have one word for the Bright Spark who came up with those proposals, Ridiculous! I get there is a need for updated legislation concerning debris, brush, and trash, we’ve had to deal with the raccoons it attracts. But going all Police State on us is taking it way too far. Working folks with young families don’t have the time to get things done in 24 hours. Old, and infirm, folks can’t quite manage that either. Poor folks don’t have the big-bucks to pay thousands of dollars in ridiculous, (and probably uncollectible) fines. So, let’s use some Common Sense. Most folks would agree that a period of 4-5 days is a fair time allotment to comply with the ordinances. And $100 is more than enough of a fine to burden families with; and also probably more collectable. The folks in Laguna Vista want a clean and safe town there is no arguing with that. And the majority will abide by the new ordinances. There is no need to beat folks down and take away their livelihood to make them compliant.

On a side note, will the city continue to park its mowing equipment on the grassy-lot it owns facing City Hall? Will they be fined if they do? Just asking for a friend.

Elizabeth Etheridge
Laguna Vista

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