Newly formed events committee looks to dissolve

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Members of the newly-formed Special Events Committee on South Padre Island have asked City leaders to consider dissolving the committee for the sake of efficiency and expediency in addressing funding requests from event organizers. The discussion came during a meeting of the Convention and Visitors Advisory Board last Wednesday.

The Board considered a request to recommend a City Council resolution to dissolve the Special Events Committee effective March 6. “There’s a lot of questions out there as far as City Council just put this together and here’s CVA Board wanting to dissolve it,” commented CVA chair Daniel Salazar. He explained that Special Events Committee chair Sean Till was there to discuss it to help clarify why the item was on the agenda.

“We’re a committee formed under City Council, under your Board, that doesn’t have any authority,” described Till of the Special Events Committee. “We have to recommend to you our suggestions, you’re recommending stuff back to us.” He stated that his opinion was that it would be more effective if the Special Events Committee was dissolved and worked as a subcommittee of the CVA in order to be able to send send recommendations regarding events more efficiently. “I think we’re more effective as a subcommittee,” concluded Till.

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