Letter to the Editor for March 14, 2019

Special to the PRESS


The recent “special meeting” of Laguna Vista’s Town Council was called at the behest of Councilman Mike Carter and others. The Town Council voted in February to change our regular scheduled meeting to accommodate travel plans during Spring Break. Rick Morado, our legal counsel, was not able to attend due to previously announced vacation plans, even though Councilman Carter and others insisted on an executive session to pursue the purchase or lease of the Harbin building.

Mr. Carter and others are trying to rush the purchase or lease of this building without doing any due diligence. The building is quite old and has been added to and remodeled in the past. Just to make the building usable and ADA compliant could cost the town hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have not had any professional inspections or estimates to determine cost estimates if we were to spend our own money on such a project. The fact that we are spending the public’s money should suggest we be extra vigilant.

If the Town Council wants to move forward with this purchase or lease, it should have all the facts and costs prepared by professionals for its review. Any town council action, moving forward on the purchase or lease of this building, without all the facts in hand, should be looked at carefully.

Susie Houston
Mayor, Laguna Vista

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