Former Yacht Club Hotel land listed for sale, nearly $1M

By Gaige Davila

Special to the PRESS

Shown is a portion of the plot of land and subsequent remains of the Yacht Club Hotel on the 700 block of N. Yturria Street, which is now listed for sale for $899,000. (Photo by Freddy Jimenez)

As of July 6, the former site of the Yacht Club Hotel, now 1.7 acres of undeveloped land after the 92-year-old building was demolished in December 2018, is listed for sale for $899,000, according to a
recent posting on real estate database company Zillow.

Armando Martinez, owner of the Yacht Club Hotel and its former site on the 700 block of N. Yturria Street, since February of last year, is selling the property.

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