Marching bands have flutes, too!


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Ask Ashlea Brianna Carter if flutes are important to the sound of a marching band, and she will give you an emphatic “Yes!”

The Press, out of a desire to give equal coverage to all sections of the Port Isabel Silver Tarpon Marching Band, sat down with Carter recently to discuss her experience.

“I believe they’re important,” Carter said. “On the high notes (they) just kind of pop the music a little bit more.”

When asked to name the instruments of your standard marching band, most people will mention trumpets, trombones, tubas, or one of the percussion instruments. Flutes seem to be an after-thought. There are 14 or 15 flutes in this year’s edition of the Silver Tarpon band and they mostcertainly contribute to the overall sound of the group. Don’t tell any of them that they are not an integral part of their band’s musical vibes.

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