Someone has to Write the Drill


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Former Silver Tarpon Marching Band assistant director William Wells has a tough job. His assignment is to write the drill for the show the Port Isabel High marching band will perform at this year’s football halftime shows and in contests.

He spoke with the Press about the problems associated with the task of planning exactly where every member of the band must be at a given point of the show.

“My role now is helping coordinate the program between all the different designers, but also the band staff themselves.”

“A lot of it is what we call staging,” Wells explained. “(That’s) making sure people are in the right places to be heard and blend together. That’s the toughest part. It’s like having a concert band that every five seconds you’re switching up the way they sit.”

The shows are usually in three parts but not all three parts will be ready to put on the field by the first football game on August 30th.

“The opener (Part 1) is done and it’s on the field,” Wells said. “We just finished it today. We’re nicely on schedule.”

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