No money, no problems: county says no raises, considers property tax

By Freddy Jimenez

Special to the NEWS/PRESS

At the August 21 Cameron County Commissioners’ Court meeting, citizens speak against the commissioners’ salary increase proposals. Photo by Freddy Jimenez.

Garnering much feedback from the communities that compose Cameron County, officials of its commissioner’s court extirpated any proposed salary increases, then, paid brief attention to proposed property tax changes.

At the highly anticipated Cameron County Commissioners Court meeting that occurred earlier this week, county leaders had three hot topic agenda items for consideration: Annova LNG’s request for a proposed tax abatement, as well as hosting a public hearing regarding  the county tax rates for the 2019-2020 fiscal year and the eye-catching proposed salary increases for the county’s elected officials.

As the halls of the venue left those late without a seat, Judge Eddie Trevino opened the floor to public comments for the commissioners to address any matters they may have.

 “What we’ve done today, in order to try to accommodate those people who came here to speak on various different matters, and since we can’t have everyone speak or else we’d be here all day, the County Clerk’s Office has taken the first 25 public comments that were submitted. However, if there is something that either of  the commissioners would like to address on any of the items, then, I’ll let the commissioners court go first to see if that might address some of the concerns and issues that you all are here about today,” said Trevino.

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