Recap: 5th Annual Shallow Stalkers Owner’s Tournament


Photo by Gaige Davila.

Photo by Gaige Davila.

Photo by Gaige Davila.

Photo by Gaige Davila.















The 5th Annual Shallow Stalker Owner’s Tournament was held over the weekend, with the weigh in and award ceremony held at Louie’s Backyard on South Padre Island. The anglers docked along a platform tied Louie’s Backyard’s deck, all in Shallow Stalker boats.

This year, James Rodriguez took several first place trophies, for trout (6.06 pounds, 29 inches), flounder (2.88 pounds, 18.625 inches), and for heaviest grand slam, a combination of redfish, trout and flounder, weighing in at 16.08 pounds. Rodriguez also caught a redfish with 14 spots, earning him another trophy.

Jason Shanks’ redfish, at 7.28 pounds and 26 inches, got the angler first place in the redfish division, with Humberto Seija and Ruben Torrez coming in second and third place, respectively. Shanks also earned a trophy for “Weirdest Fish,” for his scorpion fish.

For the trout division, Dwayne Acree and James Schaefer took home second and third place for their fish, respectively, with 4.41 pound and 4.25 pound trout.

Roel Perez and Rene DeLuna’s flounder earned them second and third place trophies, respectively, with Perez’s flounder (2.67 pounds) narrowly beating out DeLuna’s (2.61 pounds). Perez’s grand slam earned him third place in the division, at 10.57 pounds, with Ismael Flores taking second, with 11.01 pounds. For the guided division, captain Mike Knox took home first place flounder and grand slam trophies, with a 2.41 pound flounder and a 12.94 pound grand slam. Juan Ruiz’s 4.08 pound, 24.625 trout earned him a first place trophy, and a 7.92 pound, 28 inch flounder from “Joe,” earned that angler the redfish trophy.

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