“We are still in shock”: Man murdered in Laguna Heights home


Pictured are Miguel Angel Aguilera’s home and vehicle on Sunday morning, October 6, several hours after his body was discovered inside. Photo by Gaige Davila.

By Gaige Davila

Miguel Angel Aguilera Orduna, a resident of Laguna Heights, was found murdered in his home at 110 Garfield St, in the early morning hours of October 6. 

Port Isabel Police Department officers found Aguilera’s body just before 4:00 a.m., after a neighbor called the police. Port Isabel Police Chief Robert Lopez confirmed the murder’s occurence to the PRESS on Sunday, October 6.

Aguilera had defense wounds across one of his arms, and severe lacerations in his neck, nearly decapitating him, Lopez said. The murder weapon, a photo of which was shown to the PRESS, was a large Bowie knife found in a nearby trashcan, likely thrown away by the murderer.

Anonymous tips to the PRESS by Laguna Heights residents and employees said Aguilera visited a convenience store in Laguna Heights a few hours before he was murdered. Multiple sources said an eyewitness was present during the murder. The PRESS is withholding any information about the eyewitness for their safety.  

Lopez said a male suspect with white hair, wearing a shirt with “08” printed on it, knocked on the door of Aguilera’s trailer sometime after 3:00 a.m. The suspect and Aguilera spoke for some time, before a fight ensued, along with yelling, before it went quiet. A small, blue car was seen driving away from the scene. “This guy showed up with issues and had a lot of anger, for some reason,” Lopez said. “Normally, (a suspect) stabs somebody, then (they) realize what the hell (they) did and (they) get the hell out of there.”

He continued, “This was just a cut, and a cut, and a cut, and a cut.”

Jose Luis Callejas, Aguilera’s brother, said he and his family are distraught over his brother’s death. “We are still in shock,” he said.

“I still feel like he’s alive,” Callejas said. “It hasn’t hit me yet.”

Callejas described Aguilera as hardworking and kind, and was often sought after for employment. According to multiple sources, Aguilera worked at the Alta Vista apartments in Port Isabel. Callejas and others tell the PRESS that Aguilera was a “very responsible” father.

Lopez said PIPD is currently following leads, with assistance from the Texas Rangers and Cameron County District Attorney’s office. 

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