Poems by Katja Carpenter

By Katja Carpenter


House Blend

Somehow I found myself going
only to the gas station he worked
I took the bus just to get there.
I remember walking through those
old glass doors just to meet eyes
with his mossy green corneas, the
butterflies in my stomach were
multiplying and migrating.
I graze my fingertips over the
merchandise trying to look interesting.
Small talk
He led me over to the coffee and
poured us both a steaming hot
cup, we made sure to drink it
slowly just to linger in the moment.
Then he said “I guess you could
call this a coffee date”
My lips met my upper cheeks with
a rosy red blush.
House blend
The flavor of our first date


Heart eats brain

Heart eats brain
Love eats pain
Giving eats gain and Sacrifice eats game
Who are you and why are you that way? 

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