The Most Haunted Places in the RGV: The Old Mercedes Fire Station

By Joanna “Luna” Sanchez

Special to the PRESS 

The Old Mercedes Fire Station.

Welcome back to The Most Haunted Places in the RGV. 

Two weeks ago, we explored the history of Brownsville’s Daisy Starck, a young girl trampled during a parade in 1897. 

This week, we are taking our investigation to the old Mercedes fire station, located in Mercedes,Texas, where many local authorities, firefighters, and city officials claim they had experienced paranormal phenomena. The fire station, on 6th and Ohio Street ,was established in 1909, when the Queen of the Valley was first discovered.  After the fire station was closed in the early 2000’s it was used as a police station. The police chief at the time also used the fire station as a haunted house for the community. 

I had a chance to enter this haunted house on October 31, 2003, and had a paranormal experience in the old fire station. I walked through the hallway and saw different people in character. As I was ready to walk out of the haunted house, I turned back and saw this really scary figure crawl towards me and got really scared. The following day, I asked an officer if they had someone dressed as a greyish-green figure with no mask in their haunted house and he said no. 

We asked the city manager, Sergio Zavala, for permission to enter the now-abandoned fire station and he agreed to give Joedarkly and I a tour, sharing his paranormal experiences.

Zavala claims that he saw an apparition standing at the window on the second floor, when he was speaking to a coworker across the street. Zavala says both of them saw the apparition staring down at them. We decided to look around with our camera on the second floor, coming across a door that took a skeleton key to open it. When Joedarkly and I were ready to go to the bottom floor to investigate, we heard the door for the stairs slam shut. We called out to our crew to see where everyone was at, and they were not near the door. We slowly walked down the stairs and Joedarkly asked, “Is there anyone here?” But we heard nothing.

We were at the bottom of the stairs and we all looked at each other in confusion. We opened the door and called out to see if someone was in the building other than Zavala and us, but there was no one there. Joedarkly turned and asked, “How could the door close if there is no wind and no one else in the building?” We ended our investigation and thanked Zavala for letting us investigate. So could I and Zavala have experienced the same apparition? Do you have a similar story? If so, please contact us at or Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel, @Joedarkly Vlogs.

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    • J. Contreras on October 5, 2020 at 8:15 pm
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    Haunted cemetery in Mercedes, Texas the one by the expressway. One morning I arrive to the cemetary early in the morning and I was entering the first entrance of the cemetery when this young girl kept calling her mom. She was saying mommy mommy like 20 times but i couldn’t see no soul. Then another time I was checking out the graves and I turn back just to be on the look out to see if nobody would be on back of me. When I see this beautiful lady dressed in red dress with white and shoulder brown hair light complected skin. I turn back again thinking wait a minute their is no car! When I turn back again she was gone. I walk to where she was standing and it said very highly about her. That she had been a teacher for so many years and that she died at the age of 91. So I think she was seen her own grave. Another time my aunt past away her name was Criselda Rios and I decided to go visit close to midnight and I drive by way to the end of the cemetery with no lights on I call her name and I said Cris Cris Cris yell out her name and guess what she responded to me. I got scared because I was by myself w no friend and she said YES YES Hello Hello I go OMG! I just drove by and close my window and I got scared because she answered me with her beautiful voice of a young teenager. Even thou she died in her mid 70s. It was scary. But then again it was my aunt and we use to go to the cemetery together just to clean my grandmas tombstone. I wouldn’t mind going with a friend after mid night and Yes talking to her. I have stories that I would not finish in one day that I have encountered through out my teenage years.

    • bella on November 17, 2020 at 10:39 am
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    Mercedes early college

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