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Kayaking 101Hello to all, hope everyone had a great Halloween. I, for one, think I ate more candy than I gave out.

Now, as far as Kayaking is concerned, the winds have been rough lately, and I know that most of the people out there don’t like to paddle against the wind. It would be nice to have a system that would help out with that terrible wind issue.

Oh wait, there is. It’s called the Mirage Drive System from Hobie. It is a peddle system that uses fins underneath of the kayak. Now I know what everyone who has never used a Hobie is saying: “You can’t go to shallow with those things, you don’t go very fast,” and so on and so on. But I have to tell you, it’s the best thing out there.

I go extremely shallow in my Hobie, and we are talking about inches, and as for the speed of a Hobie, if it says “No Wake” out there, I often think of slowing down in my Hobie. For fishing, I am completely hands free, and everyone knows what that means, you are fishing the second you hit the water.

But by far, the way the fins help with the wind is unbelievable. I have had some customers tell me they can’t even feel a difference in going with the wind or going against it. That right there tells you just how great this system is.

Now that I have your minds wondering about these fins, it’s time you go online to Hobiecat.com and take a look at these things, and when you’re done with that, come on by the shop and give them a try. Now, you are given a proper warning, I will put the system in the water so you can try it, but you know how much I love coffee. I might just have to charge you a cup of java.

As always, stay safe, always wear your P.F.D., and test your whistle every now and then. See you out on the water.

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