City to celebrate Centennial with music fest

Special to the Parade

Centennial logoA free, community-wide two-day music festival is planned Nov. 25-26 to celebrate the City of San Benito’s Centennial of Incorporation.

Highlighting the event will be Grammy Award Winner Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution. The event site is Plaza de San Benito at the 200 block of Stenger Street, near the Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center.

Food and drink booths will help provide a festive atmosphere, according to Special Events Board Chairman Victor Rosas.

The Centennial of Incorporation marks the 100th year of San Benito’s actual formation as an incorporated community, following an election in 1911.

“In honor of this historic occasion, and to bring people to our beautiful city, we are planning a two-day Centennial Concert on Nov. 25 from 5 p.m.-12 midnight and Nov. 26 from 1 p.m.-12 midnight, in the heart of San Benito, at Plaza de San Benito. The event will be open to the public, as a free community event, and will be enhanced by a festival-like atmosphere, with the addition of food and drink booths, and other gala concession stations,” according to Mayor Joe H. Hernandez.

“On behalf of the entire City Commission, I invite everyone to participate in the community event,” he added.

A great variety of featured live talent is designed to appeal to all musical styles and preferences, featuring bands that play country, Tejano, blues and rock, according to Rosas, whose board is helping to organize the event.

The full line-up of bands follows:

Nov. 25, 2011

Ruben Ramos & the Mexican Revolution (Tejano old school)

Last Page (Jazz)

Silver T and the Mex Kings (Tejano)

Latin Variety Band (All types)

Dáme (Conjunto with Gloria Jean)

Nov. 26, 2011

Phillip Thomas (Country)

Jim King (Country)

Frutty Villarreal (Conjunto)

Madelyn Victoria (Country)

Latin Variety Band (All types)

Rudy G & the Band (Modern-All types)

Ache (Caribbean style)

“As the San Benito Special Events Board, we work to support and enhance festivals and other celebrations associated with the City of San Benito by facilitating organization and sponsorships that promote local businesses and services locally,” Rosas said.

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