Family endures trying times


Angie and Epifanio Valdez are shown celebrating the 30th anniversary of their marriage while at the hospital for Epifanio’s surgery. (Courtesy photo)

Port Isabel-South Padre PRESS

Angie Valdez is a strong woman. And that strength has been tested recently as she’s led her family members through the most trying time of their lives.

On Tuesday, Epifanio, her husband of 30 years, underwent a high-risk surgery to remove a large tumor in his lung that had butted up against and attached to his heart. With the main bread winner out of work for years, the family has been drowning in debt as the mortgage and medical bills mount.

On top of everything else, just days before Epifanio went into surgery, the family suffered a greater loss as daughter Nicole, who was 19 weeks pregnant and tending to dad, suffered a miscarriage by her father’s bedside at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

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