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Most of us who keep up with the tech news know by now that Apple is planning to release the iPad 3 this spring. It’s likely that the latest version of Apple’s highly-popular tablet is going to arrive in March. The latest reports point to a March 7 announcement. The date seems to make sense, with Apple releasing the tablet shortly after.

What can we expect from the iPad 3? According to most reports, the device will have a much faster processor. Apple’s custom A6, to be exact. It’s built specifically for Apple’s iOS devices and is designed to use minimum power while doing heavy number crunching. Basically, it’s perfect for a tablet like the iPad.

Aside from a chip with low power consumption, the iPad 3 is said to be equipped with a larger battery than previous models. This may lead to longer battery life, or simply retain the same 10-hour charge by compensating for the additional power consumed by the faster processor.

The iPad 3 is also rumored to have Siri, which is the voice control and dictation software that debuted on the iPhone 4S. Siri listens to voice commands, but has a smart enough AI to understand natural speech. For instance, if you say something like, “Help, I am bleeding!” Siri will answer you by searching for the nearest hospitals.

Finally, the iPad 3 is said to have a higher resolution display than current models. It’s rumored to be equipped with Apple’s ultra-sharp Retina Display, named so because the pixel density (the number of pixels per inch) are exceeds what the human eye is capable of seeing. This means that the user sees a totally smooth, pixel-free image.

Will this truly be what we see in the next iPad? I’m betting that all of the above are true. We will find out in March for sure.

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