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Tony Garcia

Tony Garcia

South Padre Parade

You have to admit, a great bar is only as good as its bartender. So, each week the South Padre Parade will be out and about on the Beach Bar Beat to provide you, our readers, some inside information about who they are and what they’re all about.

Before summer, we’ll round up all of our featured bartenders and you can vote on your favorites to participate in the Parade’s 1st Annual Beach Bartender Competition.

Meet our first featured bartender:

Name: Tony Garcia

Nickname: They call me “God’s Gift” every now and then toward closing time.

Bar: Quarterdeck at Isla Grand Beach Resort at SPI

Where are you from: Harlingen

How long at SPI: Going on my fourth year.

Your specialty drink: The Gummy Bear.

Your drink of choice: Scotch is my drink, Glen Livet on the rocks.

Favorite bar at SPI: Quarterdeck, of course.

Favorite line you’ve heard behind the bar: “I will give you a kiss if you buy me a drink…”

Craziest bar experience: Hands down, body shots on the bar with Spring Break girls from Michigan last year.

If you could tell customers anything, what would it be: Who has the winning personality? I do! Who pours the drinks? I do! So then, you better be nice to me.

When you’re not bartending, what are you doing: I’m moving fast. I have an online marketplace business that runs 24/7 and doesn’t leave time for much else, besides working out.

What one thing do you need when you’re working: Girls, girls, girls.

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