Robertson aspires to hit the silver screen

Kamille Robertson

Kamille Robertson

South Padre Parade

Kamille Robertson2Take a good look at the young lady on the cover of this week’s South Padre Parade Entertainment Magazine because you never know, the next time you see that face it might be on the small screen or the silver screen.

On the cover this week is the fabulous Kamille Robertson, a 20-year-old Brownville resident and UTB theater major who’s also an inspiring actress. Scratch that; technically, she’s already an actress, just maybe not a household name, yet.

The San Diego native, who’s used to the sun and surf, moved to the Valley at the age of seven, and since the age of 14, she’s been acting at local playhouses. Her favorite role thus far: Penny Pingleton in “Hair Spray”. But her acting experience doesn’t end there; this past summer she was a featured actress at Disney World.

These days, you can find her hard at work at Yummies Bistro on South Padre Island, but she plans to soon relocate to Los Angles to pursue her dream.

Kamille Robertson3When asked where she sees herself in five years, the humble but confident Robertson said she hopes to be on T.V.

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