Tanya Rodriguez: In Pursuit of a Dream

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South Padre Parade

cover model5Tanya Rodriguez is no slouch. On the day the South Padre Parade caught up with her on the beautiful beaches of South Padre Island, she had managed to squeeze us in to her busy and demanding schedule.

In fact, on this specific day, Tanya sandwiched our meeting between one assignment, while on her way to Matamoros to shoot for another. Days earlier, we set our meeting for 6 p.m. but being that this is Valley, and out here, we work on Island time, we tend to set our appointments up for, let’s say 6 p.m., knowing that actually means 7 or at the earliest, 6:30. But Tanya doesn’t run on Island time, her routine won’t allow for that. “No, sir, not me, I’m usually very prompt for cover model7my appointments,” she explained.

Why, such a pro at such a young age? Well, the answer is that Tanya has some mighty ambitious goals and she’s serious about reaching them.

How many people could honestly say they knew what they wanted out of life before they were 20? Tanya can, and she’s bound and determined to make her dreams come true. That dream involves becoming a world class model. But while almost everyone has a dream, most don’t have the fortitude, focus and discipline to make that dream into a reality. Tanya does, and she’s making that happen. Already in demand locally, and cover model4

regionally, Tanya is not only shooting covers and modeling for local ads, she can also be seen modeling for area stores and she can even be seen walking the runway at many area fashion shows, most recently at Brownsville’s Bora Bora Lounge.

So, while today you see Tanya on the pages of the South Padre Parade, don’t be surprised if you see her on the cover of Vogue in a few years.

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