Three deaths remain a mystery two months later

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questionsIt has been over two months, and investigators still have no answers regarding the discovery of the three corpses found within a two-week window in late September and October.

The first corpse was identified as a man named Jeremy Tyrone Eyster, 35, whose body washed to shore a short ways away from Public Beach Access 6 on September 29.

A woman with no identification, found buried in the sand was discovered by a passerby on October 10 near the same location Eyster was discovered. The female victim had reportedly been dead for at least 10 days when her body was uncovered, said Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio.

The final victim, 65-year-old Michael McPeak, of Port Isabel, was found near the Paradise Cove Subdivision in Laguna Vista on Friday, October 12. Sheriff Lucio said Wednesday, of McPeak, “Video footage showed he was walking on the side of the bridge, and he went into the water himself, and he drowned. We saw the video and it appeared as though he went into the water himself.”

The sheriff further remarked, “We don’t have the final report on that individual (McPeak). We will wait until the pathologist does the final report. The toxicology exam will tell if he had been drinking.”

Lucio further stated that the department has received no reports, “not even the pathology report, on any of the victims.”

Some headway is being made toward the identification of the female victim. Lucio said the victim’s head was sent to Austin, where “new technology can be used” in conjunction with the “features of the woman’s face” to hopefully create a photo-like image. Lucio stated, “They (the lab in Austin) can hopefully complete the face and see if anyone recognizes it…but it will take time.”

Regarding when he might know something more telling, Lucio said, “Things like this usually take two to four months. When we send something to Austin, we’re not the only ones. Other (departments, agencies) are also coming in from the state of Texas.”

The sheriff said, “We would like to get the information as quickly as possible, but until we have the final reports, that’s all I can say.”

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