29th Annual Causeway Run/Walk Results

causeway run

For more photos of the 29th Annual Causeway Run/Walk, click here.
(Photo by Valerie D. Bates)

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Partly sunny skies, mild temperatures and a record attendance marked the 29th Annual Longest Causeway Run – Fitness Walk on Saturday.

The 10k event drew nearly 5,000 participants from all over the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas and northern Mexico.

The following are the top finishers in the male and female categories:

1st place male:

George Towett (30:37:2)

2nd place male:

Jesus Torres (31:06:4)

3rd place male:

Kibet Cherop (32:36:6)

1st place female:

Leah Kingen (35:30:1)

2nd place female:

Liza Hunter-Galvan


3rd place female:

Gabby Ortegon (41:38:5)

1st place 1-13 male:

Francisco Perez


1st place 1-13 male:

Francisco Perez


1st place 14-18 male:

Michael Guerrero


1st place 19-24 male:

Luis Serrano (33:18.1)

1st place 25-29 male:

Osvaldo Martinez


1st place 30-34 male:

Hector Gardara (33:23.3)

1st place 35-39 male:

Alex Jimenez (40:53.2)

1st place 40-44 male:

Noel Arteaga (41:54.5)

1st place 45-49 male:

Sergio Cruz Franco


1st place 50-54 male:

Peter Kretsch (39:31.2)

1st place 55-59 male:

Mark Buddle (40:56.6)

1st place 60-64 male:

Michael Aguilar


1st place 65-69 male:

Larry Walden (53:30.4)

1st place 70-74 male:

Duane Dupor (53:42.6)

1st place 75-79 male:

Israel Villarreal (59:41.9)

1st place 80-84 male:

Richard Metcalf


1st place age unknown


Xavio (no last name)


1st place 1-13 female:

Miranda Casarez


1st place 14-18 female:

Saira Gonzalez (42:56.5)

1st place 19-24 female:

Vanessa Garcia (44:18.3)

1st place 25-29 female:

Sara Gandara (44:10.4)

1st place 30-34 female:

Melissa Lara (48:55.2)

1st place 35-39 female:

Claudia Leon (48:44.0)

1st place 40-44 female:

Catherine Cavazos


1st place 45-49 female:

Maureen Devlin


1st place 50-54 female:

Laura Lara (55:29.3)

1st place 55-59 female:

Susan Cox (55:16.1)

1st place 60-64 female:

Laura Lynn (53:35.7)

1st place 65-69 female:

Nancy Mann (1:04:51.5)

1st place 70-74 female:

Jean Forman (1:08:51.2)

1st place 75-79 female:

Nancy Sanders


1st place age unknown


Stephanie Garza


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