NATURE NICHE: Nurture with Nature at Expo

Special to the Parade

Nature NicheThis Saturday, the Winter Texan Outdoor Wildlife Expo will be held at the Convention Centre. Yay! It’s the perfect place for it. This year, there is emphasis on including young people and children.

Who wouldn’t love seeing the Raptor show with Jonathon Woods or the eagles, hawks and owls performing as a voice for conservation? So let’s play grandparents and gather up a family with children and encourage teens to attend this nature expo.

In this day of extreme nature deficit, this is a welcomed event for all. Parents: bring your family and attend the many talks about fishing, gardening, birds, butterflies, wildlife and more. The exhibit hall will have a diverse array of wildlife booths and the silent auction has lots of items to bid on.

Every year, I usually speak about our dolphins. This year I wanted to do something different. We will take the class outside and take a walk in the secret garden and then plant a butterfly garden. I will have plants there to purchase and there will be several vendors that are selling native plants in the exhibit hall. We will meet in the classroom and then take it outside. The weather will be beautiful and we might even take a peek at the rare owl that is staying there now.

So bring a child or just yourself and let’s plant a garden for the many butterflies that live in the secret garden, the Trail of Trees and Warbler rest stop. There will be butterflies in the garden we plant before we are finished. If you want to stop by Verandas on Garcia Street in Port Isabel, they have the butterfly weed that the monarchs and queens love and need to lay their eggs on, and bring your plant with you.

The area will be ready to plant; that will be done for us ahead of time. So please join us this Saturday to nurture with nature. It is an expo dedicated to getting us back into the outdoors with a new look at nature thru the eyes of conservation and caring. Local experts from all over the Valley will be giving presentations.

See you on Saturday up at the Convention Center for the WOWE. From Scarlet’s Web, “Nurture with Nature” – it’s our nature niche.

Editor’s Note: Scarlet Colley is the director of the Sea Life and Nature Center located on 110 N. Garcia St. in Port Isabel. Call (956) 299-1957 or visit Scarlet on Facebook at Dolphinwhisper.

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