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The return of spring means flowers, green grass, spring breakers and, of course, the Beach Bar Beat. To start this season off right we visited Clayton’s Beach Bar & Grill, also known as the largest beach bar in Texas.

Home to the $1 draft beer through the end of March, Clayton’s Beach Bar is a great place to enjoy the South Padre Island sunshine, and this week’s bartender would agree.

Name: Kevin

Bartending experience: Eight months here at Clayton’s, but I have done it off and on for longer.

Specialty drink: Since we are on the beach I would have to go with something tropical. The Tidal Wave is like a tropical long island iced tea.

Favorite part about working at Clayton’s: I get to be on the beach all day long. Nothing wrong with that.

What marks the beginning of spring on South Padre Island: Out with the old, in with the new is what I say.

What makes South Padre Island special: Something about the water, I like everything about it.

What would you recommend a spring breaker with a tight budget: The tidal wave, it will get them where they want to go, or the ship wreck… that is the best tasting.

To recommend a bar or bartender for the Beach Bar Beat, please email or visit our Facebook page.

After summer, bartenders featured in the Beach Bar Beat will be rounded up to compete to be this year’s champion. To participate, you can vote for your favorite in the second annual South Padre Parade’s Beach Bartender Competition.

Feel free to join me for a drink when you see me working the Beach Bar Beat. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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