NATURE NICHE: Rozzi the Amazing Dolphin Dog

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Special to the Parade

Just watch Rozzi and you will know where to point the camera. The dolphins know him well and they like him. Rozzi often steals the show and has been featured in many magazines, talk shows and television shows. Being featured in the BBC Wildlife Magazine was one of his favorite, or perhaps mine! You can hear him talking to dolphins on the Tumbleweed Smith Radio show and see him at work on the Texas Country Reporter Show.

He has been on Texas Lone Star Adventures with Richard Ray and Birding Adventures on CNN. He has articles featured in so many magazines and newspapers that I have forgot many of them. He is even in a book called Working Dogs of Texas. He is a kind and caring dog and always finds the person who needs him the most on my boat. He has been in the arms of over a dozen people who have never held a dog in their life or might even be afraid of dogs. But throughout the tour he manages to slip into their arms.

The family will take photos to send back to disbelieving relatives. Everyone on board with me is amazed at how hard Rozzi works, how intent he is and how he flies around the boat as he hears the dolphins in front or in back or on the sides. It was really cute to watch this week as the dolphin group that came to our boat kept raising their heads and looking at Rozzi. They just kept coming and looking at him as if to say, “Rozzi you are really getting fuzzy, it’s almost time for your summer cut!”

Here is a photo from that trip. And as Rozzi was mentored by our original dolphin dog Angel, who many of you remember, it is now time for Rozzi to mentor a new rescue dog. He is in his 60s now in our years and still works like a young dog. He is amazing! It’s our nature niche, and from Scarlet’s web, remember to nurture with nature.

Editor’s Note: Scarlet Colley is the director of the Sea Life and Nature Center located on 110 N. Garcia St. in Port Isabel. Call (956) 299-1957 or visit Scarlet on Facebook at Dolphinwhisper.

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