ON THE COVER: Blazin’ with Bianca

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South Padre Parade

cover model pic1-3-28-13If you’re going to spend some quality time with Bianca Alvarado, our advice is to be prepared, be ready and have plenty of energy to keep up with her. Yes, get plenty of rest, drink your coffee and maybe down a few energy drinks because this 23-year old will talk a mile a minute, and be on to her next thought and task before you’re on your first.

So, in an attempt to stop her in her tracks, we threw an obnoxious question at her. “If you were a tree, what type of tree would you be?” she was asked. To our surprise, she didn’t miss a beat and swiftly answered, “A palm tree.”

Of course, that only drew a follow-up question. “Why?” Her reply, true to character, was, “Because palm trees remind me of the Island and I like the Island. That’s where I want to be.”

Those answers may have come easy for Bianca because they were not just words strung together to make an answer, those were deep-rooted feelings. You see, it’s been only three months since Bianca left the Valley and relocated to San Antonio. Granted, she’s doing better for herself as she bartends at a trendy, exclusive club while preparing to re-enroll in college, but she left a lot behind, including close friends and her area roots.

cover model pic3-3-28-13Born in Abilene, Tx. Alvarado relocated to the Valley eight years ago where she eventually graduated from Los Fresnos High School in 2007. Bianca beams with confidence and self-assurance, traits she suspects were forged growing up as one of four children in her family. “I don’t know. I always have been upfront and outspoken. I just like interacting with people,” she said.

Those characteristics, she explains, allow her to excel at her job as a bartender which in turn makes for a fulfilling experience for her. “I’m a happy person, and that’s why I think I enjoy my job.”

The San Antonio bartending scene may be short-lived for Bianca, however as she strives for a career as a physical therapist.

Today, she’s back on South Padre for a bit of an extended Spring Break as she enjoys the scene, the beaches and the sand with some of her best friends, which includes last week’s cover model Mariela Zavala.

And, in case you are wondering, Bianca is happily single at the moment, added that the perfect guy will have to be secure enough to allow her to be her confidant self.

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