BEACH BAR BEAT: Rufino Muñoz

Rufino Muñoz

Rufino Muñoz

South Padre Parade

The Beach Bar Beat makes its first stop in lovely Port Isabel this season. Pirate’s Landing Restaurant is the area’s premier tourist destination with the variety of attractions such as the pier, parrots and pirates.

The bar at Pirate’s Landing has over 20 specialty drinks that are available in souvenir cups that complete the experience.

Happy Hour at Pirate’s Landing is from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. seven days a week, and 50 cent shrimp, oysters and cheese sticks are available during happy hour complimenting the cold drinks.

Name: Rufino Muñoz

Specialty drink: Tsunami, it has six types of Malibu and it is the bar’s most popular drink.

Favorite part of working at Pirate’s Landing: The atmosphere, all types of people come through here. No telling who you are going to meet here.

Which is your favorite souvenir glass: The parrot. It is fun.

Any unforgettable experiences: At one of the Biker rallies. The causeway was just covered with bikes. I wish I was able to take a picture of it or the fishing contest that was here last weekend. There were a bunch of kids everywhere, but the events are what make working out here fun.

Who is your favorite bartender from movies or television: I like the Bar Rescue dude. He knows how to get business done.

What do you recommend for someone who is in a hurry: Anything on tap or in a bottle, and we also have margaritas. You can come in here and get your drink within four seconds of ordering it.

Visit before or after the Island: It depends on the line of the causeway, but before you come to the Island and take a walk on the pier.

What is your favorite landmark in the area: The lighthouse.

To recommend a bar or bartender for the Beach Bar Beat, please email or visit our Facebook page.

After summer, bartenders featured in the Beach Bar Beat will be rounded up to compete to be this year’s champion. To participate, you can vote for your favorite in the second annual South Padre Parade’s Beach Bartender Competition.

Feel free to join me for a drink when you see me working the Beach Bar Beat. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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