Businesses unite to help spur economy


A group of South Padre Island business owners have founded the South Padre Island Business Owners Association in their second meeting at Louie’s Backyard Monday.

The association was created to have an organized and cohesive voice representing the businesses of the island. This is the first ever business group on the island that will provide feedback to city council members.

The association approved their bylaws in the meeting. Article II or purpose of the groups to promote and maintain a favorable business environment for its businesses and professional members by defining, developing, and implementing programs and services that will expand business opportunities and add to the economic activity of South Padre Island.

The association will allow any owner, partner, corporate officer or designated representative of any recognized business, business activity, profession, or other legitimate business enterprise located in the town of South Padre Island to be a member. Their meetings will be quarterly throughout the year.

The Association introduced themselves to the city council at the regular city hall meeting this Wednesday.

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