Paragraphs to host ‘Parallel Dimensions’ author

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Lisa Graziano

Lisa Graziano

Paragraphs on Padre Boulevard will present its Meet the Author Series Saturday, May 18, featuring the author of “Parallel Dimensions,” Lisa Graziano.

Slated from 1-3 p.m., the event will include a book signing, discussion and reception with Graziano.

It is said that if one has enough belief in paranormal events, the truth can be found through the world of the unseen. And because of this, Angie Cartwright’s two important family members – who sense Angie’s secrets and deadly efforts to conceal them – are forced to trust in their paranormal skills and seek the truth. Author Lisa Graziano thrusts readers into the world of the seen and unseen in the compelling narrative, “Parallel Dimensions.”

In this Twilight-Zone-style of fiction, Angie’s boyfriend, Joey Smith, finds himself in a precarious situation. He is dead and has reincarnated to life in the form of a raven, making his plight in discovering the reason for his death and the dangers surrounding his 3-year old son, Jordan-Tyler, even more frightening. With help from Jordan-Tyler and Angie’s psychic sister, Theresa, he joins forces with the paranormal. Will the three unfold the unvarnished truth behind the shadows of uncertainty?

Uniquely stirring, plotted with many twists and turns, “Parallel Dimensions” takes readers to a plane wherein life and death present something far greater than the eye and heart can see.

Graziano is an upcoming author devoting writing to the paranormal. During the day, she works as a construction project manager and also writes special interest stories. She said that, at night, when ghosts and the paranormal come into reality, she writes stories about them. The idea for her first novel, “Parallel Dimensions,” is fictionally based on her experience with paranormal events throughout her lifetime.

In 2005, New Dominion Pictures picked up a true-life ghost story she had written for a website. This true-life story for which her daughters and her experienced in full force titled, “Ghost Soldier,” aired in 2007 on the Discovery Channel’s series A Haunting, and continues to run to this day.

“The purpose for my ghostly writings is to bring the voices of the unseen world into our every day existence, and to let all of you know that we are never, ever alone in this world,” Graziano said. “I live in Hill Country Texas with my husband, our lab Brahmsey, cat Pan Pan Petie and a few property ghosts for whom shall remain nameless.”

This event is free and open to the public. Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard is located at 5505 Padre Blvd on South Padre Island.

For more information, call (956) 433-5057.

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