Marin’s wife proclaims his innocence

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Luis Garcia Marin

Luis Garcia Marin

Yolanda Marin, wife of alleged domestic terrorist Luis Garcia Marin insists he is innocent of the charges.

The Port Isabel-South Padre Press reported online that Garcia Marin was charged with making terroristic threats after reporting a suspicious looking package to Fire Marshall Rodrigo Garcia on Wednesday, April 24.

According to Yolanda, she and her husband had taken one of their sons to the Boys and Girls Pediatric Clinic and her husband had remained outside to smoke a cigarette when he saw the free newspaper stand. He decided to get a free paper and noticed the package, Yolanda said, adding that her husband read “TNT” written on the package and feared for the safety of his wife and child inside the building and quickly alerted authorities. The clinic was evacuated and Yolanda said her husband was called a hero.

The investigators, however, turned their eyes to Garcia Marin. He went in for a polygraph test on May 10 and was sent to Cameron County Jail after investigators reported that he failed the test. It was also reported by police that enough probable cause to warrant the hero-turned-suspect’s arrested was obtained. “This is an injustice, he is innocent,” Yolanda said.

Garcia Marin is undocumented, according to Yolanda, and wouldn’t jeopardize his family, she said. The Marins have three school-age children together and two children from Yolanda’s previous relationship. Yolanda said the incident has affected her children.

“I talked to the Mexican Consulate and they advised me to get a lawyer and demand proof,” she said.

Yolanda also said this has led her to distrust the Port Isabel Police Department. “If I see anyone breaking the law, I will be afraid to report it because I don’t want to be charged with a crime,” Yolanda said.

Still, members of the PIPD Investigation Unit reportedly viewed a recording from the clinic which allegedly shows Marin walking by the front entrance while carrying a box underneath his right arm, that is before walking out of view. Minutes later, Marin is seen walking with Fire Marshal Rodrigo Garcia to the site of the box, according to authorities involved in the case.

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    • jjacks on May 26, 2013 at 8:38 pm
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    This so called “investigation” sounds totally fishy to me. It’s especially strange because this guy is here illegally. Why in the world would he want to attract this kind of attention to himself?!? I tend to believe the PIPD is barking up the wrong tree! Lastly, lie detector test results are not allowed in court FOR A REASON!

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