What is your name?

Antonio Chavez



Where are you from?

Los Fresnos

 How long have you been bartending?

Three years

Why do you like working at Pier 19?

Best deal on the island. I consider it to one of the best restaurants on the island and I make money here.

 What sports are you into?

Soccer, football and basketball

What are your favorite dishes at Parrot Eyes?

Shrimp Delights, we have six shrimps with jalapeño stuffed shrimp or shrimp diablos wrapped with apple wood bacon, cream cheese and jalapeños slices.

 What do you think keeps people coming back to Parrot Eyes?

The good service and the great food.

 What is your favorite drink to make?

I make new drinks all the time. Today I made one with coconut rum, light rum, peach schnapps, cranberry and pineapple juice.

 What do you like about bartending?

You get to make new drinks every once in a while that you haven’t made before and talk to people.

 If you could make a drink for anyone, living or dead, celebrity or historical figure, who would it be and what would you make?

I would make a drink for our local hero Jaime Zapata, just to have a conversation with someone that would give their life for what they love.

Knowing all the drinks.

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