What is your name? Leyna

Beach Bar Beat

Where are you from?

“I grew up in Fort Worth but I came down here for the summer.”

How long have you been bartending?

Five years.

Why do you like working at Clayton’s Beach Bar & Grill?

“Clayton’s is great place to work. It is right on the beach and you can play volleyball when you get out of work. Clayton is a great guy to work for, too. It has a cool atmosphere with cool people.”

What sports are you into? “College football mostly. My favorite team is Auburn University from Alabama.”

What sets Clayton’s Beach Bar & Grill apart from other bars on South Padre Island?

“It is definitely the atmosphere, being beach side and having the biggest beach bar in the state of Texas. Especially when we get it packed for events like our upcoming Nelly concert and when we hosted Kevin Fowler. No one else on the Island can hold that many people.”

What is your favorite dish at Clayton’s Beach Bar & Grill?

The seafood platter with the shrimp and fish.

What is your favorite drink to make?

“We have some really good signature drinks but my favorite to make is the Tsunami. It has sick, different flavors of Malibu in it. It has a bunch of different flavors like pineapple, mango, coconut and cranberry.”

It would be Elvis because I have a huge crush on Elvis. I would make him a Turbo Pina Colada — they are really popular here and I would want him to be happy. It’s a regular pina colada with white and dark rum so it gives it a great contrasting flavor that makes it really good.”

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