Jose Alberto Barrera

Jose Alberto Barrera 2Jose Alberto Barrera, a native of Port Isabel, Texas passed away into eternal rest on Thursday, April 24, 2014. Barrera who was born on the brink of World War II on July 16, 1934 was left an orphan at the age of 8 and was raised by his older brothers and sisters. My dad like many who did not receive a formal education, learned how to survive and made his living by making gill nets and trot lines and later became a fish cleaner to make a living fishing in the waters for many years. My dad also taught me, Ambrosio (“Rambo”) Barrera, a fellow native of Port Isabel, how to make a living off the waters. Jose Alberto Barrera and the mother of his children, Maria Guadalupe Vega, raised a family of 13 children which includes six sons: Eliberto De Leon, Jose A Barrera Jr., Ambrosio “Rambo” Barrera, Ruben Barrera, Eduardo Barrera, Adan Barrera (passed away) and seven daughters: Micaela Barrera (passed away), Maria Luisa Barrera, Alicia Barrera, Marisela Barrera, Maria Isabel Barrera, Maria Guadalupe Barrera, and Letticia Mancias. Funeral services will be held May 1, 2014 at Thomae-Garza Funeral Home in San Benito and burial services will be held on May 2, 2014 in Port Isabel.

With Lots of Love From The Family

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