City land usage questioned

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During the public comment portion of Tuesday’s Port Isabel City Commission meeting, resident Melissa Alfonso briefly asked the officials to provide guidance to citizens on the ordinances that govern how empty lots can and cannot be used.

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    • Steve Morris on May 31, 2014 at 10:07 am
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    It is amazing to me that a town that owes much of it’s history and popularity to fishing and boating would make an ordinance against the storage of a boat trailer on a lot you paid your hard earned money for. I can understand an interest in preventing a junk yard from forming but, this goes a bit far. Boat trailers? Walking your dogs on your lot? We have a “self deputized” code enforcement persons who will run around Port Isabel making it their business what you do with our own property. They apparently have nothing better to do than squawk at meetings and attempt to force the hands of city employees to push their ideas and agendas on other residents. If there’s a rash of citations handed out because people happen to have a boat trailer on their lot, we know who to thank. Someone needs to get a life.

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