Winter Texan conquers Causeway

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

January 22, 2015

Wisconsin native and Winter Texan Leonard Reimer.

Wisconsin native and Winter Texan Leonard Reimer.

Of the over 3,300 participants in this year’s Longest Causeway Run/Walk, less than a thousand were able to weather the frigid conditions and complete the race- most of them under 40 years old. Among those who completed the course was Bearaboo, Wisconsin native and Winter Texan Leonard Reimer. The wind was so intense during the Causeway Run, that at the peak of the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway, an especially strong gust tore the rain poncho he’d been wearing to shreds. He finished the race 808th overall, but what’s remarkable isn’t so much the place that he finished, but that he did so at the age of 76.

Reimer travels around the country with his wife in a motor home and his 2002 Harley Davidson motorcycle, always heading “where the Lord leads.” This is his second year coming down to the Laguna Madre area following a long stint of jobs including working at GM, a tenure as a stock car racer and being an ice cream man.

“I just retired from life and thought I’d do a little running to get in shape,” said Reimer. “I don’t plan to stop until I can’t do it anymore.”

A Navy veteran of the Korean War, Reimer finished first in his age category, defending his first place victory from the previous year’s race. The inside of his motor home is decorated with mementos of his family and past races won, and despite medals and photos beginning to conceal the walls, this by no means is a physical finale for Reimer. He is preparing for a several more similar events this year including in a Wisconsin triathlon consisting of swimming through Lake Michigan, cycling 15 miles and running a 5K, which two years ago he completed in under 2.5 hours.

When asked if he had plans to make it a Causeway Run threepeat, he simply said, “I might.”

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