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Tenacious spirit aids dog’s recovery from abuse



Rounder, a three-year-old mixed breed Chinese Shar-Pei and possibly German shepherd, was found a year ago wandering the streets of Hidalgo County and was brought in to the Laguna Madre Humane Society shelter with a major medical concern. At the time, his front right leg was unusable because he had been shot at close range with a shotgun by his former owner.

“When he came in the bone was totally exposed,” said Dee Crews, a veterinary technician at the Humane Society. “He was in really bad shape. His leg was pretty much falling apart.”

Rounder was taken into the care of veterinarian Dr. John Montalbano in Harlingen where it was determined that the gruesome wound had aged to the point where surgery wouldn’t preserve the limb. His entire leg needed to be amputated.

A special leashed harness is something routinely used to help animals adjust to similar conditions such as hip displacement, but those are typically meant to assist animals with issues with their hind legs. But as it turned out, Rounder had no need for any gear to help him adjust to his absent front leg, rallying to get around by his own means.

“The next day after the surgery he’s running on three legs, and I mean running,” said Beth Fedigan, Laguna Madre Humane Society President. “He’s just an amazing dog. The surgery took about six weeks to heal, but he never missed a beat. I don’t even recall ever even seeing him fall. He’s been through so much and he doesn’t show a personality found with abused dogs. He’s very kind and very loving. We know there’s someone very special out there for him.”

Rounder was adopted last Tuesday, but dozens of other animals at the shelter with similar stories of perseverance are seeking permanent homes. For inquiries about adoption call (956) 266-3140.

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