BREAKING: City issues statement about weekend incident involving CVB director

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February 6, 2015

The City of South Padre Island issued a press release Friday describing an incident involving SPI Convention and Vsitors Bureau Director Rachel Flores. The statement is reprinted below, and also included as a viewable PDF file here: SPI Press Release 2015-Kelly’s Disturbance The statement fails to explain why Flores was taken home in a taxi cab. The PRESS will have more on this ongoing story as it becomes available.

South Padre Island, TX – February 3, 2015: On Sunday, February 1st, SPI PD was called out to a disturbance at Kelly’s Irish Pub on the corner of Morningside and Padre Boulevard. Three police vehicles responded to the incident. As the disturbance was being broken up, many patrons were leaving the establishment due to the incident. Upon completion of the investigation, the officers suggested that both subjects take a cab home. Joshua James Sturgeon (Age 31) and Brian Robert Rayner (Age 34) left in separate taxis. Patrol units were parked up and down the street while answering the call. While trying to leave and maneuver around multiple police and patron vehicles, SPI Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Director Rachel Flores (Age 36) backed up from the Surf’s Up parking lot and bumped the front driver end of a patrol unit parked in the middle of the street. According to the accident report Ms. Flores will be held responsible due to backing out without safety and driver inattention.

Officers evaluated Ms. Flores to check on her well-being. She was given a field sobriety test and detained in the back of a police unit while the accident report was completed. The lead officer on duty made contact with Chief Randy Smith and was advised that there were very minor damages to both vehicles. Based on the facts given at the time, Chief Smith told the officer to make an accident report and see that Flores makes it home safely. After the accident report was taken Ms. Flores took a cab home. It is not uncommon for subjects to be detained in the back of a patrol car while information is being processed.

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    There is currently a cover up by the City Manager and Police Chief. SPI administration is corrupt and that must change. PLEASE help get an honest administration on the island for the sake of residents and visitors alike.

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