Letters to the Editor for 3-26-15

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Dear Editor,

It seems this week that my hometown, South Padre Island, is competing for tackiest town in America. All week long we have been assaulted by the “Trojan Plane” flying back and forth from morning till night advertising their disgusting product. Those condom sellers want to make sure no man, woman, or child misses their enormous advertisement.

If I were a tourist coming to this lovely little beach town to enjoy Spring Break with my family and saw that condom flag flying all day long over our heads, you can bet I would never set foot in this place again. I would forever remember the Island as “the condom town.” What a gross public image we are creating for ourselves.

Whatever happened to decency? Whatever happened to protecting the innocence of children. In a world that becomes more and more X-rated every day, now my kids are not even safe from these attacks in their own back yard! And it’s not like this is a small ad. It is huge, and it flies by every 15 or 20 minutes ALL DAY LONG right over us! It’s like an aerial assault. And since kids love planes, my children run out to see it, then try to sound out the words!

Last year when I contacted our city council members, I got indifference. They either ignored me, or they said, “Well, gosh, their is really nothing we can do about it.” No one dares to take a stand for decency. This condom plane makes South Padre Island look trashy and gross. Is that the reputation our city council wants to encourage? Do we really want to announce to families, “you are not welcome here”? That is exactly what we are doing with this vulgar flying ad.

Faith Ballesteros
South Padre Island


Dear Editor and Faith Ballesteros,

The City of South Padre Island and City Council share your concerns and frustration. Rest assured that this is not how we want our City to be represented. The City strives to maintain and promote a family friendly image. We have diligently researched  this matter and our possible remedies and unfortunately are limited in our course of action. Representatives from a local airport have told us that the Freedom of Speech governs the airspace over our City.

The City Council of South Padre Island takes pride in our City and is certainly alarmed when any resident brings forth a concern.  Our intention  is to maintain  a family friendly image in all of our advertising campaigns throughout all of our seasons including spring break.

Thank you for being a vigilant and thoughtful community  member.  We only wish that there were more we could do.  Please feel free to contact me any time with your concerns or suggestions.

Adrian Rodriguez, Public Information Officer

(956) 761-8110




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