Letter to the Editor for 4-30-2015

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To the Editor

I recently read in the Valley Star that a Texas inmate, on death row, for the killing of a woman and child, is due to be executed soon.  The crime was perpetrated seventeen years ago.  This is not swift justice.  Had this individual been outside of prison, with his lifestyle would probably be dead by now.  In the meantime he has been cared for by the Texas taxpayers.

More recently I read in the Port Isabel Press that the legal proceedings against the woman who ran down Becky on highway # 510 has been moved back in time.  More and more I suspect this is a maneuver designed to sweep the entire incident under the rug.  So far, my information has determined that the woman malefactor has not experienced inconvenience, let alone any kind of punitive action for that killing.  I am not in favor of crucifying this woman for her mindless actions.  I would like to see her suffer some penalty for her deadly behavior.  At this point I don’t even know if she suffers remorse.

This brings me to my belief that it is, in the eyes of the law, better to be wealthy, guilty, and have a top notch lawyer, than it is to be innocent, poor, and have a court a court appointed lawyer.  Let’s hear it for Texas justice!

Kenneth J. Cantine

Laguna Vista

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