New LV boat ramp project stalled

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Authorization to seek an appraised value of bayfront land for possible construction of a new public boat ramp in Laguna Vista was denied by Town officials Tuesday.

The land, located near Laguna Heights, is owned by the Yturria family and could potentially be donated as the site for the ramp to launch boats and kayaks, officials were told.

“Almost two years ago, Mayor (Susie) Huston and I approached the Yturria family about donating bayside property on Highway 100 to the Town for a public boat ramp,” City Manager Rolando Vela said. Three of the four family members agreed to the donation, leaving one-quarter of the land subject to purchase. The appraisal would provide a fair market value of the quarter interest, Vela said.

The Town Council opposed the proposed appraisal, despite a motion stipulating that the cost for such not exceed $1,000.

Concerns over the associated costs, potential liability and logistics were raised prior to the vote on the matter.

“It’s a pretty picture,” Councilman Gary Meschi said of a projected schematic drawing of the boat ramp. “But, I’ve got several concerns…waterfront land costs are super expensive. It (project) will cost more than you think,” he said pointing to the costs of dredging and maintenance. “If the Corps of Engineers dredges it, who knows when it will be done. If the Town maintains it, it is a new ballgame,” he added.

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