Letters to the Editor for Aug. 13, 2015

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To the Editor


A couple days ago I decided to get some salt for my softener. I went to Walmart and wrestled two 40 pound bags into my shopping cart. I went to the parking lot and lifted the tailgate of my vehicle and contemplated getting the bags from the cart to the interior of the SUV. I started to lift a bag and a young man approached. I believe his name was Jeremiah. At any rate he said, “Let me do this.” He proceeded to put the bags in the vehicle. What a nice experience for an old man to receive from a young man. There may be, yet, hope for this world.

Kenneth J. Cantine

Laguna Vista


Dear Editor,


Donald Trump now is the front runner in the polls for the GOP. Many political pundits expected him to be irrelevant and the contrary is happening. He is dominating the narrative everywhere.


There have been many different analyses on why is the public responding so favorably to what Donald Trump is saying.


When he focuses on Mexican Immigrants as rapists and drug runners, he reaches a public that has been given this narrative and now that he is saying it in public it is logical that the public responds to what they have been hearing.

Mexico produces and moves drugs, but remember these drugs are consumed here in the U.S. and many banks have been fined for laundering drug money. Sexual exploitation is everywhere, including in the U.S. and I am sure Mexico has the same problem.

There is a problem with the immigration issue that could have been resolved and it is not. The reasons are that many businesses benefit a lot by paying low salaries to those who are not legally in this country and it is good to have a dysfunctional system that helps those companies to make more profits.

Also, we had programs like NAFTA and corporations like Monsanto and many others who go to Mexico and displace a lot of people from their land and their farmlands, again for the purpose of making a profit.

Racism kills as we have witnessed recently. Racism also is and has been a very profitable tool to exploit others as has been exposed recently here in the U.S.

We also have internalized racism and this is when Mexican people who have had no access to their history and the fact that The Treaty of Guadalupe – Hidalgo between U.S. and Mexico has been violated by prohibiting the use of our language, Spanish, and land expropriation and violations. The results are not pretty, people are alienated from their history and dispossessed. Mr. Trump knows that and he had stated that Latino people love him because he offers them jobs. It has happened before; people who have been colonized tend to identify with their oppressor more and even verbalize support for them. However, we also can look at history where people rise up and resist at every moment and change the status quo.

Many of us Mexicans who are familiar with both U.S. and Mexican culture know our history of both countries and we know that Mr. Trump with his White Privilege has made himself a very wealthy man. Do understand Mr. Trump that I would only admire you if you had to make a living by working in the conditions of the many Mexicans who have made you rich.

Remember we Mexicans did not cross the river, the river crossed us in 1848.

Mr. Trump knows that both U.S. and Mexico have the same Economic Model that is not working for all the people in both countries and soon there would be a lot of people like me who have one issue in common with Mr. Trump.

He is wealthy and can say anything he wants. I am not rich and I am like Mr. Trump not afraid to say that your system is not working. All you have to do is see all the killings, hunger, poverty and corruption, in the U.S. and internationally with all the Drones, wars, planes, CIAs, etc. Your system promotes the issue of terrorism when the Imperialist model is being rejected by the whole world right on our door steps.

The John McCain issue resonated with the public because even when he was in prison, Mr. McCain with all he suffered he did not learn the basic lesson, which is not to promote war like he does now. He was captured in an illegal war and every time he opens his mouth to advocate killing others.

Donald Trump, you expose ugly truths and I will be glad to help you expand on them even if you become the President of the United States. Like you, I have nothing to lose.

Yolanda Garza Birdwell

Laguna Vista

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