Two arrested in meth bust

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

Meth bust

Two people were arrested Friday after a month-long investigation into a suspected meth lab in Port Isabel.

Matthew Golterman, 39, and Lisa Montelongo, 23, were arrested on several charges after Port Isabel police, in cooperation with county, state and federal agencies, served a warrant on the suspected lab located on Garcia Street between Adams and Jefferson streets.

“It had the elements of a meth lab, but it was not a meth lab,” said Port Isabel Police Chief Gualberto “Wally” Gonzalez Tuesday.

“All the equipment and chemicals were there,” added Det. Armando Mora. Though the elements of a lab were found, they did not appear to have been functional, he said.

Due to the volatility of the chemicals used in the production of methamphetamines, the entire block surrounding the location was blocked off and residents evacuated, Mora said. “We sent in a HAZMAT team to go in… we had to air out the garage for about an hour,” he said.

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