Letters to the Editor for 10-22-2015

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor and Laguna Madre area residents,

I feel a need to write this letter to clear up some misunderstandings from the article published last Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 in the PI PRESS about the water quality issues of the Laguna Madre Water District.

First of all, as a board member since 2004, I can tell you that our water quality is substantially better than it was since I was first elected. Also, we are NOT experiencing any continuing water quality issues as falsely reported by the PRESS article. Does the water taste good? Unfortunately, no since we get our water from the Rio Grande River.

The recent notices customers have been receiving over the past year stem from a new reporting requirement as enacted by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ), which now requires districts to average trihalomethane (THM) testing results over a year’s time period. Previously, we reported on a month-to-month or quarterly basis only.

It was reported by our district engineer at our last meeting that the latest round of testing showed the district well BELOW the levels of THM that would require us to report. In fact, the last two quarters showed our water was below the parameters, which would trigger the notices, but since we have to average the last four quarters, we will have to put another letter out as required by the TCEQ.

Secondly, throughout the year customers will experience a chlorine odor as the district “burns” the system. This prevents build up solids in our lines.

Finally, we post videos and audio of our meetings on our website, www.lagunamadrewater.com, if you would like to see what really was reported in our meeting on Oct. 15.

Jeff Keplinger,

LMWD director

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