Sheriff’s deputy K9 dies


Port Isabel-South Padre Press

The Cameron County Sheriff’s Department lost a beloved deputy late last week with the death of veteran canine deputy, Rex.

“We will miss him greatly, no question about it,” Sheriff Omar Lucio said during a press conference Monday afternoon. He described the canine deputy as a member of the Special Investigative Unit.

“He was not only a valuable asset to our fight against the traffic of narcotics, but was also a friend of this office and a friendly individual, a lovable individual,” Lucio said.

Rex, a golden retriever trained to detect currency and narcotics, was approximately 10 years old when he died. A senior animal, he was being prepped for retirement when he fell ill last week. A veterinarian diagnosed him with gastric dilatation volovulus, an expanding and twisting of the stomach that can occur in older dogs. Surgery was performed to try to correct the problem, the sheriff said, but Rex succumbed to the illness. He died a couple of days later on Monday, Dec. 3.

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