Letters to the Editor for 12/17/2015

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Dear Editor,

I want to recognize all the workers while they do their jobs, they are pleasant and give us  good service.

The cashiers, teachers, drivers, cleaning personnel at hotels, public workers, etc. are who I’m referring to. They all contribute to make our area a nice place to live.  Thank them or smile  at  them!

The same goes for the elected officials who took the time to hear those that they represent and voted to protect our area from LNG. This proves those who have the right information make good decisions and we have taken note and we are glad to have voted for many of these officials.

We face a lot of challenges and toxic narratives that need to be combated. The tool of racism has been used to keep people divided and scared. I promote the positive against the negative and remember we are all interconnected and

respect is much more valuable than scare tactics.

We can have different positions without being dismissive of others.

Also, change will happen whether we like it or not. We can be part of that change if we participate.

Have a wonderful Holidays and thank you for being a positive asset to our community. This is my message of appreciation to you!

Yolanda Garza Birdwell

Laguna Vista


Dear Editor;

Those of you who still believe that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be so wonderful for the citizens of the United States need to look over her record more carefully than they have in the past.

In fact, any Democrat or Independent who can still support the No. 2 Prevaricator in the country deserves to lose the support of everyone in his or her political activity.  After all, folks tend to group according to their similarities.

Here follows an extensive yet partial list of Judicial Watch’s historic record of holding the Clinton empire accountable to the law for their crimes and ethics violations.

1995 – Judicial Watch helps expose the entire “Chinagate” scandal, beginning with Freedom of Information Act requests to the Commerce Department.

1995-96 – JW’s “Chinagate” lawsuits stop further sale of trade mission seats to Democrat “fat cat” contributors, a key source of funding for the Democratic National Committee.

1997 – After several legal setbacks, the Clinton administration offers to pay all JW’s legal costs in exchange for their dropping of the core “Chinagate” lawsuit.

1997 – The State Farm Insurance Company stops paying Bill Clinton’s legal bills after JW files lawsuit.

1998 – JW’s “Filegate” and related lawsuits and investigations expose the Clinton White House’s illegal use of FBI files against political opponents.

1998 – JW wins a court victory against the Clinton Commerce Department in the “Chinagate” scandal, with the court finding that documents had been destroyed and testimony falsified.

1999 – In sworn testimony obtained by JW, Johnny Chung, a central “Chinagate”
figure, implicates Bill and Hillary Clinton in “Chinagate” crimes.

1999 — JW litigation uncovers evidence that Hillary Clinton was the mastermind behind the Clinton White House scheme called “Filegate” to use confidential FBI background files to dig up and misuse dirt on Republicans and other Clinton opponents.

2000 – JW secured a historic ruling from a federal judge that found then-President Clinton committed a crime in violating the privacy rights of Kathleen Willey by first obtaining and then releasing information from her Privacy Act-protected personnel file.

2001 – As a result of a U.S. Senate Ethics Committee complaint, JW helps force Bill and Hillary Clinton to return some of the White House property and gifts which they illegally took on their way out of the White House on Jan. 20, 2001.

2006 – JW persistence forced Hillary’s fundraising operation for her senate race in 2000 to pay a $35,000 fine for violation of campaign finance law as part of the “Hollywood

Tribute” scandal, which led also to the federal indictment and trial of Hillary’s former finance director, David Rosen.

2007 – A federal court signs off on a settlement between JW and the U.S. Department of Commerce, in which the department agreed to pay JW $842,500 in partial compensation for costs incurred by JW in its investigations and lawsuit related to the sale of seats on taxpayer-financed trade missions in exchange for contributions to Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign.

2007 – After the National Archives and Records Administration failed to respond to a JW Freedom of Information Act request, JW files a federal lawsuit against the Archives to force release of documents from the Clinton Presidential Library about Hillary’s work in the Clinton White House.  Ultimately, 57,000 pages were released.

2012-2015 – JW launched an unprecedented investigation into the security lapse that existed at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, when it was attacked Sept. 11, 2012, and into the politically-inspired cover-up that began within hours of the attack, including public statements by Hillary that the attack may have been caused by a cheap anti-Muslim video.

2014-2015 – JW forced the release of documents that showed that during Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state, the State Department approved 215 money-making speeches by her husband, bringing in $48 million.

2015 – JW is in the center of the storm over Hillary’s secret unsecured and improper secret email accounts.  JW filed no fewer than 160 Freedom of Information Act requests with the State Department, and 20 lawsuits over the latest scandal.

This last action is one of the most important because in my time in counter intelligence work for the Department of the Army, it was made very clear that no information ever is to leave a Top Secret location without proper and described safeguards.  We reported such breaches.  Even waste paper from such facilities had to be burned under supervision and in a prescribed way.

This woman should never be admitted into the White House or any other federal government facility again.  And Democrats around the country have the obligation to keep her out.

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