Letters to the Editor for 5-26-2016

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Dear Editor,

Texas LNG, LLC, has applied for an air permit #139561 from TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). Texas LNG “will emit the following contaminants:  nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, organic compounds, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and hazardous air pollutants including but not limited to hydrogen sulfides.”

If you care about your air quality, then you have until May 27th to submit comments to TCEQ about your concerns.  E-comments can be made directly to the TCEQ site at www.tceq.texas.gov.

Remember that local residents as well as visitors will be breathing a different type of air if the LNG export terminals are constructed in our fragile ecosystem. Texas LNG has filed for a location to build its liquefaction facility on the Brownsville Ship Channel, less than two miles behind Port Isabel High School.

If any one of the proposed LNG plants are built, it will immediately become the largest pollution emission source in Cameron County. The toxic contaminants, equal to all of the cars, trucks and tractors in Cameron County, will then rain down on the nearby residents, birds, fish, wildlife and ecosystems of the Laguna Madre.

We urge everyone who wants to preserve and maintain our green field ecotourism and vacation destination jobs to file your comments with TCEQ.

Thanks for Caring!

Diane & Rick Teter

Laguna Vista

Dear Editor,

According to a news story published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, just 5 percent of industrial polluters account for 90 percent of the toxic emissions in the United States.

What is worse, these super polluters tend to cluster in low-income and minority communities, putting poor people and people of color at an exponentially elevated risk from industrial contaminants.

The findings show that a few polluters much more toxic than others, plus racial and socioeconomic inequalities can determine where these “toxic outliers” set up shop. It is no secret that poor and minority communities shoulder a disproportionate burden of environmental harm.

These communities often lack the economic and political power to block dirty factories from locating in their neighborhoods or to enforce existing environmental regulations. These communities become toxic dumping grounds because they are the avenues of least resistance.

They call it “contamination without representation.”

Guardians of the Laguna Madre are fighting this battle currently to save the valuable green field jobs of ecotourism and vacation destination which are being endangered by the proposed LNG plants on the Brownsville Ship Channel.

The health of the nearby residents living and working in the South Padre Island, Port Isabel, Long Island Village and Laguna Vista areas are about to be exposed to the toxic rain which will fall on them from less than three miles away. This toxic rain would be equal to all of the greenhouse gas pollution caused by all of the cars, trucks, and tractors in Cameron county. If only one LNG plant is constructed, it would immediately become the worst polluter in Cameron County by far.

For our future generations, we must stop the proposed construction of these LNG monstrosities.

Diane & Rick Teter

Laguna Vista

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