Letter to the Editor for 6-02-2016

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

So you want to know if I am happy, sad or mad and would like to hear about it? Happy, sad, or mad are all emotions expressed by humans. These are all states of mind.

I choose to be happy these days. Because I am blessed! I was born healthy, can see, can hear, can speak and have all my limbs and toes. I come from a family of six — three boys and three girls. I am the middle boy and am now in my 50s.

My name is Gustavo David Castillo. I choose not to be mad because I could hurt someone. I choose bot to be sad because I could cry. So happy I am. It is the most important purpose in a human’s life to be happy. People flock around you and ask why you are happy. I am happy because I have Jesus Christ living in my heart. Who wants to be around someone who is sad or mad?

I am happy God has given me a Warrior Spirit with a great imagination, too! My sister Adriana, who now lives in Houston, was pregnant with her third child and my imagination began to take over. What does a child think while in the mother’s womb?

As a result, I wrote, “The Baby.” I hope this short version of “The Baby” story is circulated and enjoyed by many. God bless one and all. Spread your love wherever you go and remember to stay humble and kind.

Gustavo D. Castillo

San Benito

“The Baby”

Mom, can you hear me? I’ve been inside you nearly nine months. I’ve heard you tell your friends just how happy you are about having me! I can’t wait to see you! So you can hold and love me! I can hear my heart beating, or is it your heart I hear?

I can feel my little hands growing. I’m so sorry where I kick, but it’s pretty crowded in here! I don’t mean to hurt you but I need to stretch.

When you hold me please kiss me lots of times. If I cry, please sing me a lullaby. My eyes are not yet open and all I see is darkness. Sometimes I’m scared and afraid but I know you’re there! I can’t wait for my eyes to see you and see the light.

I don’t know if I’m a little boy or a little girl; does it matter to you? All I know is I’m carrying lots of love. All this love is just for you!

Because I’m the Baby, I feel sleepy — I’m taking a nap. I love you, Mom.

-The Baby

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